My First Experience Going to the Fertility Acupuncture Clinic

fertility acupunctureLiving a quality life in Australia is easy if you have the drive and determination to work for the things you need and for your future. This is the life that I have been living for many years now and this is the life that I want to give my future children. However, until now I still find it difficult to keep a healthy pregnancy. I have been pregnant twice but those two occasions lasted for only a few weeks. I talked to my friends, relatives and colleagues to ask whether or not what is happening to me is normal or is also happening to other women. Some of them have suffered from an unhealthy pregnancy and others have shared that they have friends who have also lost their babies during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

I really want to have children now so I also asked them about the ways to make sure that my pregnancy is healthy. They have different ideas and opinions. Of course, they advised me to consult with my doctor. But what interests me the most is the idea of using acupuncture to help my body and help me succeed with my pregnancy. The idea have never crossed my mind so I did some research. I found out that acupuncture has been in practice in China for thousands of years and have helped a lot of women to significantly increase their success rate of getting pregnant, completing the pregnancy period, and actually give birth to a healthy baby. This pushed me to search for fertility acupuncture clinics in Australia specifically in Melbourne where I reside. Luckily, I found out about a top Melbourne IVF acupuncture clinic.

After doing another research about the background of the clinic and further research acupuncture, its pros and cons, and its major benefits on pregnant women, I have finally decided to go to the acupuncture clinic. I decided to visit the clinic on a Monday. I woke early, ate a healthy breakfast, took a quick bath, and wore presentable and comfortable clothes.

In the clinic, a very friendly receptionist greeted me and entertained me very well. She asked about personal information which I gladly provided. Then, she introduced me to one of the professional acupuncturists who looks very friendly, too. She interviewed me for a while to have a clear idea about my situation. So, I told her about my failed pregnancy and my frustration to really succeed in getting pregnant and have my own baby. After the interview portion, she discussed with me what is acupuncture and what are its benefits in helping women with fertility and pregnancy problems.

Though I learned that acupuncture involves the use of very thin and long needles, I really don’t have any idea how it is done properly. So, she discussed first that the practice involves insertion of the needles in certain points of the body to significantly improve the circulation of the blood. She said that proper blood circulation is the primary goal of acupuncture because it helps in balancing the body’s temperature, in normalizing the functions of the nerves, and in distributing the nutrients form the food we eat to the different parts of the body. She said that in this way, the insertion of needles help people strengthen their immune system and treat a lot of minor even to major diseases.

I was amazed when she discussed that there is a high percentage of women who succeed in their pregnancies after trying acupuncture. She gave me examples of cases of women who are really problematic when it comes to getting fertile, keeping a pregnancy that is healthy, and succeeding in giving birth to an actual baby. She have shown me photos of those women with their babies and it really inspired me.

Then, she discussed with me the different points of the body where needles can be inserted. She explained the effects or benefits of inserting the needle, for example, in the area between the thumb and the point finger. She also showed me the other points using pictures and I was excited how the actual insertion can help me.

In the middle of the healthy and very informative discussion, I asked if it is painful. She said that it is very tolerable. For some, it’s like a bite of an ant while for others they don’t feel pain. They just feel some kind of an electric energy that flows from the point where the needle is inserted. The energy travels to the rest of the body, which they say relaxes them. To assure me, she asked me if she can try inserting some needles on certain points of my body. I agreed and, well, there is very little and tolerable pain but the feeling is truly relaxing.

After the discussion and trial, we scheduled my first session and how regular I will avail of the acupuncture service.